Neutering is vital for a long and healthy life

There are currently over 67,000 rabbits in rescue across the UK, so neutering is essential to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It is also important to your rabbit’s health, unneutered female rabbits are 80% more likely to have uterine cancer by the age of 3.

Neutering is essential for bonding

Before bonding any rabbit, it is vital that both rabbits are 6-8 weeks post neuter before bonding takes place.

Risky to neuter?

It is far safer to safer to anaesthetise rabbits now compared to 10 years ago. Using a rabbit savvy, exotic specialist vet is key. (please email for local vets we recommend)

However, low-risk surgery doesn’t mean no risk surgery. Surgery on any animal can have unexpected complications, including a small risk of death, but for most rabbits, the benefits of neutering far outweigh the very small risk.