If you have lost a pet cat or dog the quickest and most effective way to recover it is to take prompt action.
These actions include, but may not be limited, to the following:-

  • Leaflet ALL the houses around the block.
  • Do NOT rely on the odd poster fixed to a tree or lamp post.
  • The leaflet should, if possible, include a photograph, a full description of your pet, i.e. age, sex, whether neutered, colour of collar if worn, and if it has been microchipped.
  • It should also ask residents to check garages and out buildings in case it has accidentally been locked in. If you get no response, continue leafleting in ever increasing circles.
  • Check and register your loss with;
    1. Local vets
    2. Local Authority Animal Wardens
    3. Local animal welfare and rescue organisations
  • To register your lost pet with CAS and place a notice on these pages email enquiries@croydonanimalsamaritans.co.uk

If you have registered a lost pet with us please advise us of any developments. Lost pet notices will be removed from these pages if we have not heard from you for six months.

Found a lost or stray pet?

If you have found a lost or stray pet it may have been reported to local vets, rescue organisations and the Local Authority animal warden.

To find out if an animal has been micro-chipped it can be taken the nearest vet who will scan it free of charge.