Who are the ‘long term residents’?

We currently have 8 cats in our enclosure who all need permanent homes.  These long term residents have been brought in as strays and are wary of human contact. We are looking for experienced foster homes where they can receive the one to one attention they need to flourish, in order to prepare them for their permanent homes.

Inside the enclosure there are sponsored villas where residents can sleep on comfy warm bedding and, on colder days, inside with the heaters. There are cat scratching posts and toys for them to play with and plenty of toileting facilities. The enclosure is partly shaded by overhead trees which filters light through, allowing our cats to catch a midday sunbathe. Whilst this enclosure has been a life saver for these stray cats, we would like to see our residents one day having a loving forever home of their own.


Our Enclosure

Our Current Residents