Thought you’d like to hear how I’m getting on… Can’t believe I’ve been here 5 weeks now and I’m starting to feel quite at home. I have lazy days lying on the sofa or bed and having a poodle round the garden and exploring a bit then make sure I’m about to welcome mum home with lots of chatter and she makes a fuss of me and gives me my tea (sometimes 2 courses!) and then we settle down and watch a bit of TV or I help her around the house by lying down on whatever she’s trying to do! Most of the time we sit looking adoringly at each other!

The only fly in the ointment is that Richard fella who comes around now and again. He wants nearly as much attention as me (!) and it’s a bit of a squash on the sofa with the 3 of us (me in the middle of course!) but I think he’s beginning to know his place (after me!) and it’s quite handy as he’s sometimes there during the day and gives me extra food!

I’ve chased off a couple of local cats which I think mum was a bit upset about (she thinks I’m going to be a bit of a bully) but it’s taken me long enough to find a home of my very own so I’m not going to let any other b*gger in! We had a visit from a nice looking girl cat on Valentine’s Day, she was quite bold and came right up to me – I wasn’t having any of it though and sat firmly in front of my cat flap. I noticed she had a magnet just like mine round her neck as though she was going to be cheeky and follow me in! I’ve finally got a collar that stays on, it’s bright red and has my name and phone number imprinted on it so no chance of losing me.

I’m getting lots of presents from mum’s friends which is all very nice and apparently we have visitors from Spain next week so I’ll have to be on my best behaviour. New carpet has been laid and I’ve been really good and only had one go at it! My latest trick is to give a big sigh and put my head in my paws and mum immediately rushes over to see what’s wrong! I think I’ve got her eating out of my paw!

Mum says I was really lucky to have you two as foster parents and giving me such a good start and I’m sure you’re giving another cat a lovely start too. Mum has taken photos of handsome old me (that’s what she always says anyway!) and is going to send you one or two.

Well, bye for now. Lots of purrs and meows. Ben xx