My sister Milly (the one wearing the Tuxedo) and I wanted to say “thank you” to all the wonderful people at Croydon Animal Samaritans for caring for us and finding us a new home.  An extra special ” Meow” goes out to our wonderful foster-mum, Jane.  We were sad and mal-nourished when we came to live with her but she gave us food, warmth and love ….. just what we needed.

We were 10 weeks old when a family came to see us.  They fell in love with us, well, we are cute aren’t we, and they took us to our new home straight away.

We love our new family and we let them know by purring loudly whenever they are near.

Thank you for such a happy ending.

Milly and Molly
We were a little scared at first but when we saw our new home and all the toys we settled right in.
Dad told Milly that she should be more ‘ladylike’ when sitting although I don’t see what the issue is ?
We especially love to go for walks in the woods with our new Dad ...seriously !!
And after wards stretch out on the bed and have a nice nap.
Dad says I’m his little ‘Tigress’. I like that, so I bring him home lots of mice for him to chase around the house...tee hee, whereas Milly prefers to chill out on the patio