I adopted a rabbit from CAS after I lost my 10 year old girl and didn’t want Coco, my grumpy 6 year old boy, to be on his own.
Coco met 2 year old Alice on a speed date and they both pretty much ignored each other which is a good sign on a first date with rabbits. A few days later I bought her home.
Alice had previously been a house bunny and never lived with another bunny, so it was a big change for her but she took it in her stride. They were both wary of each other to begin with, and it took a bit of time, but then it became obvious that they both really wanted to love each other but had to learn to trust each other first. Thankfully Alice was submissive so Coco took a shine to her and soon relaxed in her company.
Since then their bond has just got stronger and stronger and they can nearly always be found together. Their predator proof accommodation means they can come and go from their undercover accommodation next to my house to their runs in the garden whenever they want. Come rain, shine or even snow they can always be found early morning enjoying the grass or sitting on their little steps checking out their surroundings. Living their best life, just being bunnies.
They follow each other around causing mischief although Alice is nearly always the ring leader. I love to see them binkying around their runs and the garden (when supervised) and also to hear them hopping around the house.
Although Coco is older. the age difference doesn’t seem to bother them and if Coco gets tired of Alice’s antics he just lies down and chills out.
Watch this space as I am about to adopt another bunny…