About Astrid

  • Gender
  • Age
    2-3 years
  • Breed
    cashmere, Lop
  • May live with
    Experienced owners
  • Homing requirements
    Indoors only

Please email for more details

Stunning Astrid is a beauty! She will be three in June 2024, Astrid is vaccinated and neutered. Astrid’s coat needs regular brushing and maintenance, therefore, we believe someone who owns or has previously owned a rabbit with long fur and understands the time and commitment this will take would be ideal.

Astrid loves to stretch out, with her back feet behind her… this is her comfy position! Astrid is a little overweight so she is on strict diet of few pellets but plenty of hay!

Astrid loves to explore and watch the action, she enjoys a head rub and stroke.

Can you offer this beautiful girl a home with a neutered friend or two?

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