Sponsor and cat or dog

You Can Help by Sponsoring a Pet

We always hope that animals that come in to Croydon Animal Samaritans, are found a caring home that will meet there needs as quickly as possible, for some however the wait is a bit longer, and for a few the right home may never come along, particularly if they have special needs.

The animals feature below have become long term residents and will live in their special sponsorship homes for the rest of their days and they are partially funded by our sponsorship scheme. A sponsor takes an interest in the animals well being and in return they will receive a certificate of sponsorship on their chosen friend and will receive a copy of our regular newsletter.

Any of the following sponsorships greatly help the animals that remain in our care long term and your donation is greatly needed and appreciated.

Types of Sponsorship:

  • Part Sponsorship is from £2 per month, or you could choose your amount from £2 upwards.
  • Full sponsorship is £15 per month
  • Sponsor the ferals for £15.00 per year

Please contact: Shirley Stoten, Treasurer on (020) 8776 1779 for further information


Susie is a very very old feral. She likes the company of the other cats & warmth of the conservatory


Thomas (camera shy)

Thomas is a semi feral male tabby of about 14 years old. He is extremely camera shy, but likes his food.



Katie, a Silver Tabby, 12 years old, loves to spend a lot of time in her fosterers garden.

Photo to follow



Sam - deaf cat

Sam, about 13 years old, is deaf and has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). He was 1 of 14 cats rescued by the CAS from a flat in Malden where the bailiffs were waiting with all the doors and windows boarded up.

 Sam (the Elder)

Sam the old cat

Sam came into the CAS 3 years ago during some very bad snowy weather as he had been living as a stray, he is 15 years old and is very much an elderly plodder.



Cassie - female cat

Cassie is about 14 years old and came into the charity because she was being cruelly treated by a family of 3 people, who themselves were being taken into care. She arrived terrified of people but with patience and kindness is living out her days happily with her fosterer.



Jazz cat

Jazz is about 16 years old, an elderly lady, also found in bad snowy weather living outside as a stray. She has recently had her thyroid removed which the vet described as the largest he had ever seen.



Twinkle is a 13 year old lady, she was feral and lived originally in a wooden cat house in the garden. However, 2-3 years ago she plucked up the courage to go inside her fosterers house and now lives happily with other cats and dogs. She is best of mates with Mary (see below) and where one is, the other is always nearly.


Mary the cat

Mary came into the CAS with Twinkle above, she too was feral and now enjoys her time running around the house with her friend. She is also about 13 years old. She has recently had a huge growth which meant the removal of her tail, but she is recovering nicely and seems to cope well without it.



Minstrel cat

Minstrel is a 9 year old semi-feral boy, he came in originally with his brother, but he now lives on his own in his outside house, where he can come and go as he pleases, enjoying his life.