Sun, Sandy & Cookie

Looking for a home together!

About Sun, Sandy & Cookie

  • Location
  • Gender
    Female, Male
  • Age
    5.5 months
  • Breed
    Domestic Short-hair
  • May live with
  • Homing requirements
    Home with private garden

Please phone or message Karen on 07825809334 if you would like to apply

These 3 beautiful kittens are so loving, they love to play with each other and with you if you have a toy they like. As soon as your alarms goes off they know this is breakfast time so will give you kisses for food.

Sun is super loving and loves to sit and have cuddles with you. If you need both hands he will happily sitting in your hood and just watch you. He loves to lick you and give you kisses with the occasional nibble on your nose. He loves to play with his favorite toy, which is his purple fish, he takes this everywhere with him.

Sandy is unlike most most kittens you will know. His favorite thing to do is playing with water, whether it’s his water bowl, the bathroom sink or the toilet, he just likes to play in it. He loves to play, especially with items on a stick. He loves to jump up and try to grab anything he can. He also loves to snuggle next to you and will come in for a kiss when he wants, loves to sleep next to you.

Cookie loves to play with mice, as long as they rattle she will chase them around and throw them in the air and then catch them again. She’s super loving and loves to snuggle next to you or on your chest with her head resting on yours. Her favorite thing to do is watch TV or what you’re doing on the laptop. If you’re in the bath or shower again cookie, will try and get in with you because she also loves playing with water.

These 3 siblings are 5 1/2 months old now and have spent their whole lives together so far, so we are hoping we can find a home for all 3 together as they all love playing together. They will make great family pets and are good with children.

All 3 have been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Looking for a home with a private garden away from main roads.