Can you offer Amelia her forever home?

About Amelia

  • Gender
  • Age
    About 6-years
  • Breed
    Domestic Short-hair
  • May live with

Please phone or message Nicola on 07973 315 654 if you would like to offer Amelia her forever home.

Amelia is a chirpy, curious, but cautious tabby cat that came to us a few years ago as a very young mum of kittens found in a back garden.  She recovered from her malnourished state to be a healthy cat, who has never had any concerns to date.   We think she is about 6 years old.

Amelia is not socialised to humans. However, she knows to come to her fosterer for food and sometimes for entertainment, but she has never been handled or petted.  She is very quick and will dart as soon as approached. We consider her semi-feral as she is comfortable to live among humans, as long as they don’t come too near her.

Amelia is very fond of the male cat that lives with her and is currently an indoor cat and would have to be for some time moving forward.  She would need the company of another cat in her forever home.

She is fairly lively and likes to play and explore, but she is not disruptive or mischievous.

Inside, she’s a sweet girl, longing for a safe home where there is a fellow cat, a secure garden (eventually), and very understanding and patient humans who will give her space but look out for her.

She will definitely need to be an indoor cat for at least 6 months, but we think she would like a chance to go outdoors in the future, if possible. A catio or cat proofed garden would be ideal for her.