Dogs Seeking a Home


1. We do not home dogs to people living in flats.

2. We do not home to people without gardens.

3. Dogs need exercise and regular walks, regular access to a park would be a good idea.

4. Dogs can be energetic, regardless of their size, so think about how able bodied you are before considering adopting a dog.

Please Note
Enquiries to adopt a dog must be made by phone between 12 noon to 7 p.m.

Tad - Paterdale terrier cross.

Tad is a 15-17 month old Paterdale terrier cross. Due to be destroyed after spending three weeks in kennels where he was placed by a local authority, he was rescued by Epsom Animal Rescue. He has been neutered.
Please call Joan on 020 8764 2231 (Epsom Animal Rescue).
(Posted 09/09/2013)