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Bugsy + 4 babies

Bugsy was recently taken in by CAS after her owner was unable to keep her. She later gave birth to 6 babies which are now 8 weeks old and ready to start looking for their forever home. We are looking to him Bugsy's 4 remaining male babies in single sex pairs. Their dad is a netherland dwarf and their mum is a netherland dwarf x dutch. 


Please phone Rees on 07909 631751

(Posted 09/09/2019)

Please note that we are not currently able to take in any more rabbits and rodents except in cases of extreme emergency.

You should try the following rescue shelters:

Bobtails, a registered Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue Charity. www.bobtailsrescue.org.uk

GBH (Guinea Pigs, Bunnies and Hamsters, etc), who rescue and re-home. (020) 8658 5452. www.gbhrescue.webs.com